Proverbs 31


Welcome Women of Santa Barbara!

We hope you will join us as we come together, united under Christ, as God’s chosen women!

We meet every other Wednesday evening: 7:30 pm-9:30 pm

Please contact via: text/call, or Facebook for updates on location and details for evening’s festivities!


Corinna Sloan: 714-292-0105   Bria Flury: 815-272-5921

Dara Teamer: 805-619-8422   Jody Graham: 626-652-1461

Our hope is to bring together women of all ages, to unify of Gods Word. Making the Bible the soul authority, and standard to our lives. As true Disciples of Christ.

Just as iron sharpens iron, (Proverbs 27:17), we too as mighty women will help sharpen, guide, mentor, and encourage one another to grow in life, and in Christ!

Join us for Worship by song, prayer, dance, food, preaching, teaching, encouraging, activities, games, and tons of more fun under sun, rain, cloud, snow, or star! We are here to serve! and enjoy life along the way! TOGETHER!