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  • Luke Speckman - July 21, 2013On Friday, Richie and I drove up to Pismo Beach to do a Bible study with Eric, a remnant disciple who wants to join the Santa Barbara Sector! Pismo Beach is about 180 miles outside of Los Angeles! Truly the beacon of light cast by the LA Church shines brightly all [...]
  • Luke Speckman of Ventura - June 16, 2013Today the entire Ventura Region met in Santa Barbara for the Inaugural Service of the Santa Barbara Sector! 70 disciples and friends met on the campus of Santa Barbara City College – rated by the Aspen Institute as the number one community college out [...]
  • The Santa Barbara Mission team consists of a select number of SoldOut disciples of Jesus from different International Christian Churches (ICC) from around the country. All unified for one purpose and cause, they devote their lives to bring the good news of Jesus to the lost city of Santa Bar[...]
  • Elizabeth McDonnell - May 19, 2013 As the planting for the new Santa Barbara Sector rapidly approaches, God continues to bless our efforts both here in Ventura and in Santa Barbara! After taking a trip to look at apartments where the mission team will most likely live, we were shocked at the bla[...]