Inaugural Service – June 16, 2013


Luke Speckman of Ventura – June 16, 2013
Today the entire Ventura Region met in Santa Barbara for the Inaugural Service of the Santa Barbara Sector! 70 disciples and friends met on the campus of Santa Barbara City College – rated by the Aspen Institute as the number one community college out of the over 1,000 in America! It was an amazing service with incredible singing, sharing and preaching!

One of the many highlights was Jose & Liz Corral (born, raised, married and baptized 19 years ago – all in Santa Barbara!), who delivered a tearful communion! They shared their spiritual journey fighting against lukewarmness, worldliness and wealth’s deceit. These temptations led to them moving away from Portland to their comfort zone of Dallas. When they saw how far they had fallen, they moved to Phoenix in 2010 in order to get back to their first love! Now they have returned “home” to Santa Barbara to bring their rekindled fire to this very beautiful but very lost city.

Richie preached a powerful sermon that encompassed conviction, love, humor and Santa Barbara facts that gave to all great encouragement! We are so proud of both Richie & Elizabeth! Finally, we are excited to announce that our dear brother, Dale Bryant, who was converted at ASU and came with us to Ventura last year on the mission team, is now an official “Unpaid Intern” and a student of ICCM! He has been Richie’s armor bearer and right hand man in Ventura and now in Santa Barbara! Please be praying for the Ventura Region, as well as our Santa Barbara Sector, who Lord willing, will become a self-supporting church by January 2014!


Kip McKean – June 16, 2013
On Sunday morning, Elena & I were so blessed to participate in the Inaugural Service of the Santa Barbara Sector at Santa Barbara City College! Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell are the new full-time leaders of this noble effort, whose vision is to evangelize the almost 500,000 of Santa Barbara County! Using Deuteronomy 9 as his key text, Richie’s sermon – A Great Fire From A Spark – was one of the finest that I have ever heard from a young man just 21 years old! To also be commended are Luke & Brandyn Speckman, who have done an outstanding job of discipling this remarkable couple! Lord willing in January 2014, this sector will become the Santa Barbara International Christian Church!