The Santa Barbara Mission Team

The Santa Barbara Mission team consists of a select number of SoldOut disciples of Jesus from different International Christian Churches (ICC) from around the country. All unified for one purpose and cause, they devote their lives to bring the good news of Jesus to the lost city of Santa Barbara.

The original team consists of: Richie & Elizabeth McDonnell of Los Angeles; Jose & Elizabeth Corral of Phoenix; Dale Bryant of Los Angeles; Jason Collier of Chicago; Doriene Turner of Chicago; Dara Teamer of Chicago; Bria Henderson of Chicago; Ka’Sella Matiere of Chicago; Tristan Lafolette Schweizer of Ventura; Tomas Gonzalez of Portland; Jonny Lovo of Los Angeles; Anthony Carrillo of Los Angeles; Alejandra Perez of Los Angeles; Engracia Santiago of Los Angeles; and Liliana Gonzalez of Los Angeles.

God has graciously added to the group within the first two months of the ministry’s beginning! May many more victories come in the near future! To God be all the glory!