Preparing the way – May 19, 2013


Elizabeth McDonnell – May 19, 2013
As the planting for the new Santa Barbara Sector rapidly approaches, God continues to bless our efforts both here in Ventura and in Santa Barbara! After taking a trip to look at apartments where the mission team will most likely live, we were shocked at the blatant wickedness that surrounded the UCSB Campus! The area that my awesome husband Richie & I are planning on living is called Isla Vista. It is surrounded on three sides by the campus of UCSB. (The fourth side is the ocean! Amen!) In six tenths of a square mile resides 17,000 people (most are UCSB students), which influxes to between 30,000 and 40,000 people on the weekends because of the huge party scene! In broad daylight you can see people in a drunken stupor and even partying on rooftops! The crime caused by the influence of drugs and alcohol is so high, that the chance of being a victim of a crime in Isla Vista is 1 in 24! This place may seem crazy, and even dangerous, but that’s why we’re fired-up to go because it’s places like this that need to hear the gospel the most! On a very positive note, Doriene Turner – a sister on the SB Mission Team – has already been accepted to Santa Barbara City College! Lastly, when I moved to California from Arizona a year ago, I prayed that God would only give me a job where someone was going to become a disciple. After nine weeks of intense job searching with “no luck,” I was initially discouraged! But God always knows what He is doing! I eventually secured a job at the YMCA where I met my boss Rebecca! As a result she came to church and was baptized this past Wednesday night in the Pacific Ocean at 11:30PM! God has given me such a great friend in her, and I’m so excited to see what else God has in store! We love you all so much!